Diana Mot & Isabella Bergstrøm

“We celebrate ‘small living’, where furniture has more than one function”

Diana Claudia Moț and Isabella Bergstrøm are two new Danish furniture designers who both graduated from VIA Design in Herning in 2016. They started working together during their studies, after deciding in 2015 to join forces to enter their multifunctional Radius design for the FSC Design Award. The multifunctional bench is both a seat and a low table with built-in drawers in a distinctive yet simple design. It was subsequently put into production by FDB Møbler, which has decided to continue the unique cooperation with Diana Claudia Moț and Isabella Bergstrøm. As a young, dynamic design duo, they are keen to keep FDB’s legacy of simple, high-quality design alive. At the same time, they are setting a new and modern direction for Danish furniture design today. They are willing to experiment and redefine the role of furniture in our busy and flexible daily lives. In this respect, their design philosophy is a perfect match for FDB Møbler.