Laura Bilde

“It needs to be straightforward, useful, and something we can remember.

Laura Bilde (b.1990) is a Danish designer who, since graduating from VIA design, Herning in 2016, has collaborated with Egetæpper, Please Wait To Be Seated, Holmegaard, and FDB Møbler. 

For Bilde, good design is when products are straightforward, useful and have something that makes us remember them. "Today, we are totally overwhelmed by digital impressions, and it is becoming harder for us to remember the things we see, both physically and digitally, because we see so much. That's why I get particularly attached to designs where materials, form, and function are as clear as day. Such objects quickly turn into a tangible memory".

In her design process, Laura Bilde is often inspired by industrial traditions and classic production methods. She finds great learning and inspiration in how previous generations did the work and used the various tools, and her designs are driven by a strong desire for the timeless - the ideas that don't just fade with a specific interior design trend, but instead can bring joy for many years.