Rikke Frost

“I reflect on people, our behaviour, materials, and the environment”

Rikke Frost has a degree in Industrial Design MAA from Aarhus School of Architecture. Since 2004, she has run her own studio in Aarhus, basing her work on three clear dogmas: minimal, magical, and mindful. 

Rikke Frost wants to create magical moments with tactile experiences, details, and features for the end user to explore. People are always at the heart of her work, and she strives for functional, long-lasting designs with a minimal environmental impact. The vision is to minimize in all aspects of the design process, for example, by making the best use of every material, working efficiently and carefully considering all resources and manufacturing methods. 

Rikke Frost has participated in national and international exhibitions and her designs have been honoured with awards at home and abroad.