Functional Yet Playful Design by Philip Bro

Allé by Philip Bro

This fall will see an exciting new collaboration between FDB Møbler and the innovative Danish designer Philip Bro. In a career dating back to the 1990s, Bro has produced highly successful designs of both lamps and furniture. This time he has created a stylish, elegant product line called Allé (Avenue) that, with its hooks, rings, and mirror, is all about playfulness, usefulness and sustainability.

Philip Bro trained as a furniture designer at the School of Decorative Arts, graduating in 1989. His designs are rooted in Danish tradition, with a blending of function and aesthetic expression that makes his creations a comfortable fit for a wide range of homes. Allé, available beginning in September, is made of FSC-certified oak and walnut. The hallway coatrack can be varied to suit your needs: with or without a mirror or the scarf ring (both of which have a leather strap). It lends your hallway or bedroom a simple, contemporary look and is available in two sizes: with three hooks (ideal for a cozy apartment), or five (for a larger home).

Built In Poetry

According to Philip Bro, a design is only successful when it produces a poetic product. Accordingly, each element of the Allé series reflects a playful-yet-rigorous, organic approach that is meant to be durable as both a design and an actual object. The rhythmic placement of the hooks on the slender wood evokes trees lining an avenue; the mirror suggests a nearby lake, glistening in the sun.

"Simplicity and order,” says Bro, ”are the basic ideas behind the Allé series, which was inspired by classic Shaker design. This is my reinterpretation of the slim, functional Shaker hooks, giving them a modern Nordic character.” He cites the Shaker-inspired work of Børge Mogensen, the first head of FDB Møbler’s Design Studio, as inspiration. ”I take great pride in being part of this continuing development, in close collaboration with FDB Møbler.

"We are very proud to collaborate again with Philip Bro, who previously designed an elegant lamp series for us called called Hiti,” says FDB Møbler CEO Ole Kiel. “His new Allé line focuses on sustainability, functionality and aesthetics. It is a perfect fit for the design spirit of FDB Møbler. With its timeless design, the coat rack fits into many homes, and we’re pleased to have this chance to offer, once again, an outstanding piece of Danish design.”