Distinctively simple Nordic design by Børge Mogensen

J18 By Børge Mogensen

This autumn has brought an exciting discovery in the FDB Møbler archive! From exactly 75 years ago, drawings have surfaced of Børge Mogensen’s embodiment of clean lines and pure Nordic expression, the J18 dining chair. Mogensen was manager of the FDB design studio at the time, in 1945, and the relaunch of this iconic—and useful—piece of furniture is sure to delight Danish design enthusiasts.
Based on his belief that furniture should serve people, and not the other way around, the pioneering designer created what the Danes would call a “pearl necklace” during his tenure as head of the studio, from 1942 to 1950: a dazzling string of aesthetically remarkable but highly functional pieces for everyday use. The fact that treasures like the J18 chair are still emerging three-quarters of a century later illustrates just how rich and productive that period was. This timelessly stylish design seems fresh off the line, marrying simple good looks with FDB Møbler’s trademark practicality. The J18 is made of FSC-certified solid beech and is available in a suite of colors—black, white, gray and beige red—that afford plenty of possibilities when it comes to finding its perfect spot in your home.
“Being able to lead another iconic relaunch of work by Børge Mogensen, who in his time as head of the FDB design studio was one of Denmark's most influential furniture designers, is a fantastic experience,” says Ole Kiel, FDB Møbler’s director. “We are proud to continue to offer furniture that can meet all the challenges of everyday life, and the chance to relaunch a piece like the J18 is just the icing on the cake."


Inspired by the well-known Windsor chair

With seating comfort as the highest priority, the J18 took its inspiration from the English Windsor chair, an 18th-century design that took the furniture world by storm. The solid backrest tapers discreetly at each end into armrests, making it possible to slide the chair under most tabletops and inviting the user to sit back and enjoy the company. Top-notch comfort is assured by a slightly recessed seat that slopes slightly backward. The raw material is FSC-certified solid beech, originating from European forests to maximize sustainability. And as a finishing touch, emphasizing the chair’s contemporary, Nordic spirit, a range of four colors—black, white, gray and beige red—ensures there’s something for every taste and style.
The J18 dining chair is made of FSC-certified solid beech and available in black, white, gray and beige red. This newly relaunched piece is sold in FDB Møbler's stores across the country and at fdbmobler.dk.