From the orchard to your living room—old storage made new

In February, FDB Møbler launches its second design collaboration with the renowned artist Monica Ritterband, with a line of storage crates under the name Æbletoft.

The new series revisits the classic apple crate, adding a measure of modern refinement that transforms the rustic and strictly functional into something that will nicely complement your home decor.    

In February of the new year, FDB Møbler will offer Danish design enthusiasts a new interpretation of a utilitarian classic, the familiar crate for storing apples and other produce. Its creator, artist and designer Monica Ritterband, has been producing exciting pieces for both Danish and international brands since 1997. Her Ulvedalene series, which launched in fall 2020 and marked her FDB Møbler debut, has already beautified many a Danish home. As the Æbletoft name suggests, Ritterband now shows her love for the traditional, producing a distinctively modern homage to a readily recognizable, highly functional object.


"We at FDB Møbler are proud to once again be able to enter into an exciting design collaboration with Monica Ritterband,” says Ole Kiel, FDB Møbler’s director. “With her eye for detail and an approach to materials that helps tell a deeper story, Monica creates modern and very useful designs that fit with the spirit of the times—and will for many years to come."

Functional and timeless

The new Æbletoft storage series is made of FSC-certified oak, providing a beautiful look that suits both the garden and the living room. The crates come in four different sizes, which makes them perfect for storage in both larger and smaller homes. "I have always had a dream of creating a new, optimized version of those beautiful, old-fashioned apple crates, which are ideal for storage. Offering several sizes gives users more options for customization; there will always be a place for them, inside or out," says designer Monica Ritterband. "The name also gives an affectionate wink and a nod to the quaint Jutland town of Ebeltoft, with its similar-sounding name."