Even more of a good thing

J27 by Børge Mogensen

Back in the spring, FDB Møbler relaunched the classic, versatile J27 stool, designed by Børge Mogensen in 1949. Now, Danish design enthusiasts can look forward to new versions of this simple and solid piece of furniture, in oak and smoked oak.
Sharp-eyed FDB Møbler fans will note the similarity in design language between the J27 and Børge Mogensen's iconic J52 rocking chair. And both beautifully embody Mogensen’s belief that furniture should adapt to people and not the other way around.

Beginning this autumn, the new versions in FSC-certified solid oak and smoked oak will offer even more options for matching this functional stool with your existing decor.

Whether you use it as a discreet little shelf, or perch on it to take a load off your feet, the J27 will blend into your household’s look and routine as if it were a member of the family.