Functional and attractive additions to your outdoor living space from FDB Møbler

Enhance the usefulness and comfort of your patio or other outdoor areas with new additions to FDB Møbler’s popular Sammen series of garden furniture.

With two new lounge tables at different heights, Thomas E. Alken, the line’s designer, complements the collection while expanding its possibilities. Look for them to arrive in stores in March.

FDB Møbler is excited to unveil these latest items from the skilled hand of designer Thomas E. Alken. Elegant and simple, these two new lounge tables, at two different heights, add to the already broad range of uses and contexts that the popular Sammen series is suited to, whether it’s morning coffee, or drinks and canapes, or lunch, and much more.


Thomas E. Alken made his industrial-design debut after graduating from Design School Kolding in 1997. He founded his own studio that same year, and it was from there that the designs for the Sammen line emerged. Multiple collaborations with FDB Møbler ensued, including the 7-9-13 modern modular sofa and the Paso hunting chair, and the new Sammen tables carry on this fruitful partnership. “These days we are staying outside to a much greater extent than we did before,” Alken says, “and our outdoor spaces are used in numerous ways and must meet many different functions and needs. Some have different zones to migrate through, while others periodically readjust their orientation in step with the sun. And that’s precisely why the Sammen series needed expanding: to offer greater leeway for a relaxed style that makes use of one or more lounge chairs or benches.”

Refined details

Like the rest of the unique Sammen line, the new tables reflect FDB Møbler’s original approach: to produce high-quality furniture that adapts to its owners’ needs through many phases of life, now and for years to come. “I’ve been delighted to see,” Alken says, “that more and more people are using Sammen furniture indoors too, as a way of extending the summer or creating a smooth transition between seasons, between indoor and outdoor use. I hope that will continue to play out with these tables.” Like the rest of the series, the tables are constructed of FSC-certified teak; their natural finish allows them to take on a beautiful patina over time.


“It is a great honor for us to have the opportunity to launch more of Thomas E. Alken’s fantastic, highly useful designs,” says Ole Kiel, director of FDB Møbler. “With their simplicity and elegance, the two new lounge tables add something very special to the Sammen line. Danish design enthusiasts are expanding the scope of life on the terrace and the balcony, and these new items will help meet more of their needs for comfort and function.”