New from Ildpot: Lasagne, anyone?

This spring, FDB Møbler is further expanding its relaunched line of iconic Ildpot stoneware for the kitchen.

Look for two new rectangular dishes, providing Ildpot’s many Danish fans with even more opportunity for culinary creativity.

Since last summer’s relaunch of Grethe Meyer's crowd-pleasing Ildpot stoneware line, originally released in 1976, new offerings have included round dishes, bowls and lids as well as cups in various sizes. In April, FDB Møbler will add two rectangular dishes to the lineup, perfect for lasagne, baked goods of all kinds or any number of other favorite dishes. Like the rest of the series, these unglazed rectangular dishes can go directly from freezer to oven, oven to dining table, and dining table to dishwasher (or back into the freezer!). They are also stackable, making them ideal for even the smallest kitchen.