Nissen & Gehl

“Once construction, form, and function come togeter, the design process is nearing completion”

In 1970, the two furniture architects Søren Nissen and Ebbe Gehl started a joint studio. Togehter, Nissen & Gehl have designed a wide range of furniture for the home and have been internationally recognized for their furniture programs for Danish and large international companies. Their designs and creative work have been the focus of numerous exhibitions in Europe, Japan and the US, and over the years they have been honored with medals, awards, and grants. 

Søren Nissen and Ebbe Gehl are both trained cabinet makers at Rud Rasmussen Snedkerier with highest honors and medals, and they have also both trained furniture designers from the Danish School of Arts and Crafts in 1966 and 1968 respectively. Ebbe Gehl has worked at Nanna Ditzel's studio and taught design and furniture art at the College of Art in Edinburg for several years. Søren Nissen worked in furniture design at several well-known Danish design studios.