The good materials and solid craftsmanship of FDB Møbler are an iconic part of Danish design. Since 1942, when FDB Møbler was founded with architect Børge Mogensen as creative director, we have produced good quality and fine craftsmanship at reasonable prices.


We have expanded our furniture guarantee and now offer a 10-year guarantee on all furniture from FDB Møbler.* If you treat and use your furniture as we recommend, but still experience flaws or defects, FDB Møbler A/S will reimburse you with either a repair or a replacement. 


In cases where a solution cannot be found, FDB Møbler will be offering a similar product in a comparable price range or a reasonable price reduction. This could be in cases of discontinued goods or discontinued spare parts.

Based on an overall assessment FDB Møbler will, at all times, determine possible solutions in the different cases. This is often done in collaboration with our suppliers.

Should you have any questions about the warranty, please contact reklamationer@fdbmobler.dk


*The furniture guarantee does not apply to garden furniture, home accessories, or home textiles.


Applicable rules for warranty and 10-year furniture guarantee

If you follow the maintenance guides from FDB Møbler, your furniture will get the best conditions for a long life.


Therefore, please note that your 10-year furniture guarantee will lapse, if:

– the product simply has normal wear and tear or has no/incorrect maintenance according to our
maintenance guides.
– the product has been exposed to damage or actions conflicting with our maintenance guides, including improper assembly, operation, use or storage.
– third-party materials have been used on the product or modifications have been made to the product.
– the product has been used more intensively or abnormally compared to what is reasonably expected for normal private use.
– the product has been exposed to dramatic variations in temperature or high humidity.


*The furniture guarantee does not apply to garden furniture, home accessories, or home textiles.

Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase. Receipt is required.
The guarantee does not apply to products purchased via sample sales or other types of outlets.

FDB Møbler reserves the right to reject a complaint if it does not comply with the above.