FDB Møbler has been creating simple, beautiful, high-quality and attractively priced furniture for everyone since the 1940s. This outlook still forms the basis of our work and requires us to meet specific environmental and health demands throughout the production process. Accordingly, we produce FSC-certified furniture made of sustainable wood and ensure that all our textiles bear the eco-friendly Oeko-Tex product label. At the same time, we take responsibility for our workshop employees and their occupational environment, and closely manage the forests where our trees are felled. We never remove anything from a natural environment without giving something in return.


Our enduring ambition is to employ sound traditions of furniture craftsmanship to ensure that our products will last for generations. We base our endeavours on sustainable production processes. And by 2025 we aim to have all our products certified to the official Nordic Ecolabel standard – the official Nordic environmental standard with the least possible environmental impact. Today, Poul Volther’s iconic J46 chair already bears the Nordic Ecolabel, and the next step will be to certify the entire line of Børge Mogensen’s classic furniture, which he designed in the 1940s as head of FDB Møbler. With these and similar initiatives, we aim to become Denmark’s most environmentally conscious and responsible furniture company.


FDB furniture is designed to furnish homes for a lifetime. Over time, many of our chairs and tables have been in use for 50 or 60 years due to a combination of sound quality materials, unique designs and, not least, good craftsmanship. Each piece of furniture is skilfully and manually processed and ultimately tested at the Danish Technological Institute before it is ready to be sent to its final destination – its first home. This is also why we provide a five-year warranty for all our indoor furniture.





Quality furniture should not be the domain of the elite. This has been FDB Møbler’s guiding principle from the outset. Therefore, we always aim to ensure that our beautiful, classic designs are accessible to the general public. In our experience, gathered throughout our longstanding history, functional furniture does not have to be extraordinarily expensive to be exquisite. Our furniture must be accessible to most people – a vision that our new designers are hand-picked to realise.



When furniture designer Børge Mogensen created his famous classics for FDB Møbler, he based his work on the idea that a “piece of furniture should serve the user, rather than force the user to adapt to it at all costs.” With this point of departure, our furniture is designed according to human functionality and what the user needs. This simply means that every piece of FDB furniture must conform to the human body and its movements. Our furniture is not conceived to serve decorative purposes, but is designed to be used every day, to be rearranged and, above all, to be comfortable to sit in and at. Functionality above aesthetics. The beauty is an inherent quality of the material and the furniture’s explicitly functional lines. This explains the ageless quality of FDB furniture, as it builds on classic quality design.