About us

Furniture ought to make room for people

That has been our philosophy since 1942, when FDB Møbler was founded, with architect Børge Mogensen heading up the studio. Many new designers have since entered the fold, but the foundational principles remain the same: To create beautiful, functional and exceptionally crafted furniture that makes room for everyday living at home. And that can withstand everyday wear and tear to age gracefully with those who use them.

FDB Møbler is internationally known as a frontrunner of Danish design. It’s a story of classic pieces to be passed down from generation to generation. In fact, every new piece of FDB Møbler is born as an heirloom. The values that FDB Møbler was founded upon continue to shape every piece of oak and beech. They are woven into the seats and are upheld in each design, both when our ever-popular classics are re-issued from our design archives, and when we launch brand new designs.

Regardless of whether we are talking about iconic pieces from FDB Møbler’s classic collections or new, innovative designs, the goal is the same: To have the veritable quality of life that was envisioned when the first pieces of furniture emerged from our studio in 1942.


The principle of sustainability is not new to FDB Møbler. After all, combined design and craftsmanship that can last generation after generation is itself an expression of sustainability, and that is the very principle our company was built on. So it should come as no surprise that we are mindful of sustainability in all other aspects of our operation. In fact, we are committed to being Denmark's most responsible furniture company, and we’re willing to push our own limits to earn that title. For example, all the wood we use is FSC certified, and all textiles have OEKO-TEX certification. Our next goal is to see that, by 2025, all FDB Møbler products will bear the Nordic Swan—the most ambitious environmental certification on the market.

FDB Møbler has been around a long time. And we want to make sure that by the time our grandchildren’s children hear their first story about a family heirloom made by our company, our manufacturing processes will have helped preserve their world’s sunlight, air and water.