About us


We aim to be Denmark’s most responsible furniture company—that is the foundation and starting point for everything we do. The footprint we care most about leaving is in the form of stories from the lives of people who have felt at home with our furniture. We make furniture from FSC certified® wood (FSC-C164841), look for our FSC certified® products. Additionally, all our textiles are either labelled with OEKO-TEX or EU Ecolabel. Our overall goal is to see everything from the smallest stool to the largest dining table for the Nordic Swan label. Finally, we work daily to calculate our CO2 footprint and optimize production accordingly. FDB Møbler’s history dates proudly back to 1942, and we consider it our responsibility to help ensure that our grandchildren’s children get to hear our story in a world still blessed by the gifts of sun, wind and water.


How much space do you need to stretch out your arms? How should a chair’s backrest be angled so that you can sit back properly? As Børge Mogensen said, “Furniture must serve people.” With that in mind, everything from FDB Møbler is designed to last a lifetime, through moves from one place to another, through childhood dancing on tabletops, through adulthood settling on the sofa with the kids and the dog. Our fundamental design concept cuts right to the bone: no superfluous embellishment to diminish the beauty of simplicity, no trendiness to detract from true timelessness. In short, honest design and solid craftsmanship 360 degrees around, so that even the undersides of our tables and chairs have nothing to hide. Behind every FDB Møbler product is a designer dedicated to creating value for people, both here and now and in the future.


Everything we make needs to be at least 30 years ahead of its time; that is the average lifespan of our products, though they often last even longer. This requires a sustainable mindset rooted in a foundation of simple, timeless design. It is not unusual for a piece of our furniture to look as if it just stepped off the drawing board, when in fact it has 60 or 70 years of history behind it. In other words, even if you are the first owner of a brand-new piece of FDB Møbler furniture, you are unlikely to be its final user. Everything we produce is meant to last for generations, and not just in terms of design—our legacy and quest for maximum durability guides the choice of materials, the craftsmanship literally woven into the seats and the finger joints they sit upon, and the textiles we use. And no design finds its way into its first home without being tested at the Institute of Technology.


Another tenet of FDB Møbler’s philosophy is that good quality must be accessible to most people. Therefore, our prices are not the highest—what they are is the best prices in terms of value and design. This applies to something as small as a pillow or vase, or as substantial as an ensemble of upholstered armchairs. We intend to be with you for a lifetime—from the day you buy that first piece you’ve been saving up for, till the day you take a seat at your own dining table surrounded by our iconic chairs, whether they are all alike or mixed-and-matched. We would like to find our way into the living room of anyone, in any country, who appreciates simple, beautiful and functional furniture. To them we promise to bring Danish hygge and the sort of design expression for which FDB Møbler has long been known far beyond our country’s borders.