Thomas E. Alken

“I take a modern, simple approach to furniture design, just as FDB Møbler has always done.”

Since graduating from Design School Kolding in 1997, Thomas E. Alken (b. 1970) has been making his name as one of Denmark’s best industrial designers. For more than 20 years, he has run the design studio Format Design in Copenhagen. Since 2014, he has been responsible for updating well-known classics and as well as designing brand new FDB furniture, including the garden furniture series Sammen (Together) and the Paso hunting chair. Thomas E. Alken says that he wants his furniture to have a broad popular appeal – in the perfect vein of FDB Møbler furniture. His furniture designs are both stylish and functional, and through their simple and lightweight design achieve a natural beauty with a timeless feel that grows even more beautiful with time. Thanks to his great sense of functionality, Thomas E. Alken’s chairs are extremely comfortable, but not only that – they make you feel at home. Like Børge Mogensen and other former furniture designers at FDB Møbler, he takes the human body and its movements as his starting point, ensuring that the furniture reflects our social dimension. A chair should not only look good – it also has to be comfortable.