A cozy cove within the home, courtesy of FDB Møbler

Renowned Danish designers Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard are behind a completely new bookcase for FDB Møbler, their first design for the historic furniture brand. You’ll love the way the Vig bookcase creates an extra pocket of space in your home—like a welcoming cove along a coastline.

It’s hard to speak of successful contemporary Danish design without mentioning the names Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard. Since 1990, a wide range of industrial design has emerged from this team’s studio, and now FDB Møbler is delighted to add a first Halskov & Dalsgaard creation to its catalog. The Vig bookcase reinterprets the classic approach, with a distinct nod to historic FDB Møbler designs. While the frame echoes the refined, organic expression so familiar in the timeless work of Børge Mogensen and Poul M. Volther, among others, the upper portion asks a different sort of question, with an up-to-date, rigorous look that carries the piece right into the present. The shelf is available in two sizes, to ensure that you can match the amount of space you need to the amount available to you.
“Vig is designed with a particular gaze to both past and future,” say the two designers behind the Halskov & Dalsgaard brand. “We looked back at the fantastic classics that have emerged from FDB Møbler over the years, and reconciled the primary forms with a contemporary lifestyle. Vig was created for and in collaboration with FDB Møbler, and we are incredibly proud to be allowed to join them in making this contribution to Danish design.”
Creating a cove-like space

Back in 1944, FDB Møbler was the first to introduce freestanding, modular bookcases to Danish homes. The Vig bookcase represents a rethinking and updating of that innovative item of furniture, functionally and aesthetically, to suit the homes of today. The interplay between the organic lower component and the more architectural upper one imparts a unique character to the surrounding area. Whether standing alone or with others of its kind as a set, Vig offers the space you need for storing books or displaying pictures or other special objects. As its Nordic name suggests, Vig creates a kind of cove in the room, a pocket of coziness and comfort.
“We are tremendously honored to have Christina and Hanne in the FDB Møbler family,” says company director Ole Kiel about the collaboration. “They look forward into the future while simultaneously navigating within the history of Danish design—just like FDB Møbler. Vig is a good example of the dynamic interplay of past and future, and we are very proud to add this piece of furniture to our broad sampling of Danish design.”