Koch’s one-of-a-kind bench to be relaunched

From the treasury of Danish design history, FDB Møbler brings another unforgettable piece of furniture back to life. September will see the relaunch of the timeless and simple Sønderborg bench, designed in 1938 by Mogens Koch. This handsome bench comes in FSC-certified solid oak and is available with a cushion, in either textile or leather, whose rounded edges set off the beautiful lines of this historic design.

In 1938, Mogens Koch designed a very special bench for the State Hospital in Sønderborg, and FDB Møbler is proud to bring this distinctive piece of furniture back to life. September will see the relaunch of the Sønderborg bench, in a version constructed of solid FSC-certified oak with cushions in either Beige fabric or Cognac leather. The bench is celebrated for its stringent lines, and yet the back and seat cushions ensure that it is extra-comfortable to sit on. Ready for use as a catch-all surface in the bedroom, an extra seat in the kitchen or living room, or a perch for extended stays at the dining table.
"We previously relaunched Mogens Koch's bookcases, a truly iconic design that we are incredibly proud of,” says Ole Kiel, director of FDB Møbler. “And now we are doubly honored to bring this beautiful bench to life once again. Mogens Koch contributed something very special to Danish design history—a very good reason for us to be especially excited about this particular launch."
Idealistic and functional design
The Sønderborg bench resonates with Mogens Koch's other designs, which are recognized for their distinctive simplicity. Particularly known for drilling down to essentials when it came to aesthetics and functionality, he engaged in an ongoing quest for furniture that appeared as clean-lined and rigorous as possible. In this way, he achieved his goal of bringing the utility of any given design into focus. The Sønderborg bench retains a sense of permanent modernity that is very much in keeping with the Nordic design aesthetic. It will stay fresh for many generations to come.