Vibeke Rohland

"Together with FDB Møbler, there is a challenge in creating simple products that will work now and in future, while at the same time harking back the past"

The textile designer Vibeke Rohland is known for her trendsetting designs and textile art. Now she is topical with a beautiful damask tablecloth for FDB Møbler. Vibeke Rohland has designed for a wide range of leading Danish and international design companies, and her designs have been exhibited at the Danish Design Centre, Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Sofienholm as well as in the USA, Belgium, Germany and France. Vibeke Rohland qualified from the Danish Design School in 1986. Shortly afterwards, her career quickly took off, and today she is known worldwide for her unique and aesthetic work. For FDB Møbler, Vibeke Rohland is topical with a reinterpretation of the classic damask tablecloth. The tablecloth is often central to the modern dining table, serving as a backdrop for any good meal. The pattern revolves around the traditional square, which is enlarged and simplified to create beautiful patterns in subdued colours that do not detract from the food. The new damask tablecloth harks back to Danes’ traditional meal culture, at the same time writing itself into a period when we enjoy going to greater lengths with the food we serve and how it is presented – even on a daily basis.

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