New Colors for an Iconic Chair

J80 by Jørgen Bækmark

Jørgen Bækmark is the only surviving designer from the original FDB Møbler Design Studio, and the partnership continues: In collaboration with FDB Møbler, he has created a fresh version of a timeless classic, his J80 chair, to be launched this fall. This refined, iconic piece from the 1960s has never gone out of style, and beginning in September it will be available in four beautiful new colors.

Bækmark took over as head of the FDB Møbler Design Studio in 1958. Over the next nine years, he would sustain the company’s vision of producing designer furniture that would be available to everyone. He made significant contributions to the development of Danish Design during that time, and FDB Møbler has maintained its connection with him. We are proud to offer this new look at the popular J80.

Readily recognizable by its beautiful handwoven seat and wide, bentwood back, the J80 was designed as a very comfortable, functional dining chair with or without armrests. It is ideal at the table but also lends itself to use as a freestanding piece of furniture. Adjustments have been made to the classic design to suit today's sizes and needs, all aimed at making you want to sit just that little bit longer.

A Classic Chair, Perfectly Modern

A well-established presence in many Danish homes, Jørgen Bækmark's J80 is bound to grow even further in popularity with our introduction of the chair in Blue Gray, Moss Gray, Agate Gray and White. These expand the versatile chair’s adaptability to both modern and classic homes, conveying a message that good design can be classic and yet up-to-the-minute at the same time.

"Jørgen has always played a special role for FDB Møbler, and we are very grateful for his time as design supervisor,” says FDB Møbler CEO Ole Kiel. “We are especially grateful for his continued work with us, as he generously shared his expertise and brought new ideas to the drawing board. Despite having turned 90, he proves with the J80’s new colors that he is in step with the times. There’s no doubt that, like the originals, these new versions will remain popular for decades."