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Mogens Koch

The architect and Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts professor Mogens Koch (1898-1992) was successful in making a name for himself – also as the furniture designer behind such well-known classics as his modular shelving system (1928) and the Folding Chair (designed in 1933, produced from 1959).

Mogens Koch was employed by Kaare Klint up until 1934, after which he opened his own design studio. At his drawing office, the tasks were many and varied, ranging from furniture, new buildings, type fonts, silver and textiles.

Mogens Koch played an active role in the idealistic development work aimed at producing better and cheaper furniture for FDB customers. So, even though Mogens Koch furniture today fetches high auction prices, many of the pieces were designed for practical use and efficient production.

The beautiful and strong shelving boxes are among his most popular designs. They were designed in the 1940s – and are cherished around the world for their simplicity and countless combination possibilities. This really is a piece of furniture that survives generation after generation.