Iconic Stoneware Series Is Relaunched

“From freezer to oven.”

You may be old enough to recognize that phrase from 1976, the year the Ildpot rustic stoneware series was launched.

The slogan was meant to capture the series’ core value, its wonderful functionality.

We at FDB Møbler believe that this kind of usefulness never goes out of style, which is why we’re delighted to announce the relaunch of designer Grethe Meyer’s iconic Ildpot stoneware line this fall.

This appealingly rustic series is ideally suited to today's tastes, as well as to the current surge of interest in durability and sustainability. The unglazed surfaces provide a distinctive aesthetic touch, and the light weight guarantees everyday usefulness both in the kitchen and at the dining table. Cooking enthusiasts have always sworn by the Ildpot’s extremely even distribution of heat, as well as the simple, stackable shapes that make it a perfect fit for even the smallest kitchen.
“We are very pleased to be able to relaunch the iconic Ildpot stoneware series by Grethe Meyer,” says Ole Kiel, director of FDB Møbler. “The combination of practicality and aesthetics, as well as the focus on sustainability, fits well with today's trends and FDB Møbler's design spirit. The Ildpot deserves to become a favorite in the kitchen and at the dining table once again.”
Grethe Meyer took pride in creating designs that were practical and beautiful at the same time, developing a particular interest in useful designs for the kitchen and dining room. Like the original Ildpot launch, more than 40 years ago, the relaunched line will consist of bowls and dishes with lids of different sizes, all of which can go directly from freezer to oven, oven to dining table, and dining table to dishwasher—or back to the freezer. Needless to say, this kind of versatility translates into big time-saving in the kitchen, freeing you up for more time with
family and friends.
“The relaunch of Grethe Meyer's fantastic collection of stoneware in collaboration with FDB Møbler has offered a unique opportunity to carry her functional and aesthetic spirit forward,” says Isabel Bernadette Brammer, who is in charge of carrying out the designer’s work. “Throughout the process, our first priority has been to make the elements resemble those of the originals as closely as possible, in both form and purpose. This relaunch will make that objective a reality.”

About Grethe Meyer

Designer and architect Grethe Meyer (1918–2008) earned a place in Danish design history with aesthetically simple, timeless, functional creations that are as at home with the trends of today as they were when they first appeared. Her aim was to create designs that incorporated quality, personality and respect for the user—that were clear in intent without clamoring for attention.
Meyer’s Ildpot received the ID Award, and in 1980 the Danish Academy of Gastronomy proclaimed: “Beautiful food is not only good ingredients. It also requires care and good tools, as the Ildpot demonstrates.”