J149 - Seat cushion

J149 - Seat cushion MLF

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Product no. J149H111


    Upholstery type: Crisp, Gabriel (93% New Z. wool, 7% Polyamide)

    Upholstery color: Okkergul (4211)

    Martindale: 200.000

    Pilling: 4-5

    Lightfastness: 5-7


    Measure Assembled: 5 x 158 x 52

    Measure Unassembled: 158 x 52 x 5

    Ryghynde højde 5 cm

    Ryghynde bredde 158 cm

    Ryghynde dybde 52 cm

    Sædehynde højde 7 cm

    Sædehynde dybde 51 cm

    Sædehynde bredde 153 cm


    Warranty: 10 years

    Test and Certificates


    J149 - Seat cushion

    J149 - Seat cushion: J149H


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    J149 - Seat cushion

    J149 - Seat cushion: J149H


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    Erik Ole Jørgensen

    Erik Ole Jørgensen (1927-2002) was a Danish furniture designer who originally trained as a furniture upholsterer. The newly trained upholsterer discovered he had a keen sense for colour scales and colour combinations.

    Years later he started training to become a furniture designer, and in 1948 graduated from the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen. During his career, he designed both furniture and textiles. His simple, functional furniture ranks him among the best Danish furniture designers. One of his best-known designs is our spokeback sofa series, which was originally designed for FDB Møbler.